Massachusetts Medical Society: Nutrition and Physical Activity: News & Resources

Nutrition and Physical Activity: News & Resources

  • Sitting Less, Moving More Can Make Major Health Differences March 28, 2016

    Vital Signs, April 2016 - What if the difference between health and chronic illness was something as simple as a five-minute walk? Recent research suggests that sitting less and moving more throughout the day can make a major difference in overall health.

  • Physician Focus: Food and Your Health December 1, 2014

    The food one eats has an enormous effect on one’s health, yet many consumers, bombarded with study after study about what’s good and what’s bad to eat, are confused. In some cases, the studies offer conflicting information. This program will look at such questions as: What IS the impact of food on...

  • Physician Focus Special: Walk This Way - Simple Form of Exercise Has Considerable Benefits July 16, 2013

    Walking, with the highest stick-with-it rate of any form of exercise, is an easy, fun, and affordable activity that improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and increases energy.

  • Physician Focus: Exercise as a Prescription December 13, 2012

    Fewer than two in ten Americans get the recommended levels of exercise and more than a quarter of adults don't spend any time in physical activity.

  • Physician Focus: The Power of Vitamin D December 18, 2009

    Today in this era of evidence-based medicine, good evidence supports the idea that vitamin D not only boosts the immune system, helping to prevent colds and flu, and many other health benefits.

  • Physician Focus Special: Obesity in Massachusetts November 24, 2009

    Obesity and overweight are two of the nation's biggest health problems, affecting people of all ages, contributing to rising levels of chronic disease, and driving up health care costs to uncharted levels.

  • Eat Right! April 2, 2007

    A few tips on how to get you started eating right.

  • What Is a Healthy Weight? April 2, 2007

    How to determine whether your weight is in the healthy range.

  • How Does Weight Affect Health? April 2, 2007

    Information on some of the health issues that are associated with overweight and obesity.

  • Be Active! April 2, 2007

    Information on the benefits of physical activity, and how to get active.

  • Breastfeeding Resources January 30, 2007

    Local and national web resources on breastfeeding.

  • The Widespread Impact of Obesity September 6, 2006

    Today, obesity in America -- and indeed throughout the world -- is a runaway freight train heading down the track of public health.

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