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Who is the MMS House of Delegates (HOD)?

The HOD is the policymaking body of the MMS. Members of the MMS HOD serve as an important link between the MMS and grassroots physicians. The HOD meets twice a year — in the spring and winter — for two days. Learn more about the HOD.

New Delegate Orientation – Video

View the video here (great as a refresher for long-time delegates, too). Topics include the following:

  • Your role as a delegate
  • Preparing for and participating in the HOD meeting
  • The policymaking process and basic parliamentary procedures

Upcoming HOD Meeting Timeline

Annual 2024 HOD Schedule

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Registration for the 2024 Annual Meeting is now available.

Delegates' Handbook

The Delegates' Handbook is now available.

House of Delegates

Learn more about the MMS’ policy-making body, the House of Delegates.

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