Massachusetts Medical Society: Concussion Treatment, Management and Prevention: In School and on the Field

Concussion Treatment, Management and Prevention: In School and on the Field

Concussion Treatment, Management and Prevention: In School and on the Field

Physicians need to know how to identify concussions and fully understand the cognitive limitations that follow a concussion.  Difficulty concentrating, vestibular disturbance, decline in school performance and sensitivity to light or noise can all be related to concussion. This archived webinar series will help physicians comply with all MA regulations regarding concussions and returning those students to play. The program is designed to comply with 105 CMR 201.000, Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Activities, which implements the law and provides standardized procedures for those involved in the prevention, training, and management of students who incur head injuries while involved in any extracurricular athletic activity at public middle and high schools serving grade 6 through high school graduation and other schools subject to the official rules of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). The video presentations also addresses a graduated return to learn program for students.


This course was developed by the MMS and its Committee on Student Health & Sports Medicine, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and includes recorded videos and slide presentations on the following topics.System Requirements: 

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Video: Introduction (2m 48s)

James Gessner, MD
Immediate Past President, MMS

Video: Concussion Management (31m 23s)

Slides: Concussion Management (PDF, 31 Pages, 909 KB)

Michael Beasley, MD
Staff Physician, Boston Children’s Sports Medicine
Instructor of Orthopedics, Harvard Medical School
Team Physician, Northeastern University
Head Team Physician, UMass Boston

Video: Return to Play Guidelines Following Concussion (21m 15s)

Slides: Return to Play Guidelines following Concussion (PDF, 16 Pages, 581 KB)

Kathleen Thornton, MS LAT
Southcoast Health

Video: Concussion: Helping the Child Return to Learning (27m 34s)

Slides: Concussion: Helping the Child Return to Learning (PDF, 22 Pages, 649 KB)

Alan G. Kulberg, MD
Berkshire Medical Center Concussion Clinic

Video: MA Regulations - Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Athletic Activies (23m 37s)

Slides: MA Regulations - Head Injuries and Concussion in Extracurricular Atheltic Activies (PDF, 28 Pages, 1980 KB)

Linda Brown, MBA
Program Coordinator, Division of Violence and Injury Prevention
Massachusetts Department of Public Health


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