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Boston Medical Library Services

Boston Medical Library (BML) branch librarians provide many services to BML members, MMS members and staff. These services include access to relevant resources, article delivery, research assistance and instruction.

Article and Book Request Service (Countway Doc)

Countway Library's interlibrary loan system, called Countway Doc, provides MMS members with articles, books, chapters and books that are not found in the MMS collection. The same system allows us to scan and send you articles in the MMS collection.

MMS provides its members and staff with 10 free non-MMS items per person per year. There is a $5.00 charge for every order over the limit of 10. All requests are taken online. 

To request items, please use our request form.

Research Assistance

Reference librarians can help you find articles and other information about your research topic. We can offer guidance and our unique expertise in identifying, extracting and analyzing information. This service is available by appointment to MMS members and staff. Consultation requests are accepted in person, by phone, by email, or using our request form.

We can also help you consult with the Medical Reference Librarians at Countway Library.

Tutorials and Training

The Countway Library of Medicine has designed several helpful video and print tutorials which can assist you in identifying and locating materials and in other aspects of your search.

If you would like to schedule an individual or group training around a particular research area please contact the BML branch librarians.

Current Countway Classes, Tutorials and Seminars

Library Catalog

The newly created library catalog is a list of materials contained in the MMS collection in Waltham. If an item is listed in the catalog, it is kept at the library. You can come in, view the item and make copies yourself at any time, or you may request the item through our Article and Book Request Service.

Physical Library: Meeting and Workspace

The library is a great place for work, study or meetings. With views of the Boston skyline, the Waltham woods, and an outdoor patio, the library offers a quiet, inviting space for work, study or relaxation. Members will find a collection of books, journals and newspapers for browsing, as well as computer workstations and comfortable seating. There is also a small conference room for staff meetings, which can be scheduled through the MMS employee intranet.

We have two PC computers and one Mac, all with internet access, as well as a printer and copier for patron use. There is also a public MMS WiFi connection for patrons using their own laptop computers. For technical assistance when the library is not staffed, please contact the MMS BITS department at x4357.

The library is open around clock. Visitors must have an MMS access badge, which can be obtained from the MMS front desk on the first floor.

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