Massachusetts Medical Society: Resources for Identifying Practice Gaps

Resources for Identifying Practice Gaps

Experts in your institution

  1. DME and Coordinator
  2. CME Committee
  3. Department Chairs
  4. Administrators defining work for clinicians
  5. Consultants/academics
  6. Literature Review - librarian
  7. Requirements

  Your learners

  1. Evaluation summary suggestions
  2. Needs surveys
  3. Departmental meetings
  4. Focus groups
  5. Requests from staff
  6. Informal discussion - hallway consults

  Places to easily find data suggestions

  1. QA results
  2. M&M or Tumor Board summaries
  3. Clinical surveys, chart audits, EHR studies
  4. Institutional searches/reviews
  5. Available guidelines/algorithms
  6. National/regional/state data bases
  7. Epidemiological data
  8. Massachusetts Medical Society yearly goals

  Existing institutional practices that frame CME goals

  1. Institutional priorities - yearly goals
  2. Clinical goals/standards set by departments
  3. Changes to facilities/clinics/services
  4. New approaches to care, use of teams
  5. Requirements for staff 

Looking outside your institution

  1. Topics on the news
  2. Community issues
  3. New results/therapies/science in literature
  4. Controversies at national/regional meetings
  5. Comparison with neighboring institutions
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