Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Information Technology Award: 2014 Winners

MMS Information Technology Award: 2014 Winners

Marc Succi – 2-Minute Medicine

Category: Resident

Clinicians spend a significant portion of time exploring segmented content platforms for new medical research. 2 Minute Medicine was created to produce original, centralized, medical reports of current research.

The applicant’s web publication produced ~110 reports/month in 2014, serving 120,000+ monthly views in 120+ countries. In the past year, readership grew 214% (Q2 2014/Q2 2013). The bounce rate in Q2 2014 was 30%, a decrease of 3% from Q2 2013, indicating industry-leading reader engagement. A pool of 250 readers were randomly selected from our registered user list (users registered for at least one week). 42% responded. Prior to using the site, readers reported consuming a mean of 2.92 studies per week. After using the site for at least one week, readers reported consuming a mean of 6.99 studies weekly. 31% of visitors engaged the site daily, 22% every other day, and 29% once per week. 97% of readers agreed or strongly agreed that they were more up to date with medical.

In conclusion, centralized, numerically-rated and concise medical reports from is a useful medical education tool.

Ben Arevolo and Brad Seigal – RapiDose

Category: Student

Over six weeks, six Guatemalan medical interns (‘externos’) were given a smartphone containing an application (“app”) to reduce medication-dosing errors in a step-wedge study design. Dosing was monitored in real time to ensure the app suggested safe doses. Pharmacy records were analyzed, externos were timed during brief clinical encounters, patients were asked quality improvement survey questions, and externos answered quantitative and qualitative questions about their user experience.

After introducing the app, the entire patient encounter was completed 27% faster. Without the app, medications  were dosed incorrectly 34% of the time there was a net 43% improvement in dosing accuracy when medications were dosed using the app, raising total dosing accuracy to 94%. All of the clinicians testing the app reported that the app was ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use.

Overall, the app was demonstrated to be safe and efficient. Making this app available to junior physicians can improve patient safety by greatly enhancing dosing accuracy and permitting more clinical time to be devoted to non-dosing activities — adding value to patients and providers alike.

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