Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Information Technology Award: 2021 Winners

MMS Information Technology Award: 2021 Winners

Andrew Chu – STAT Life Saver App

Category: Resident

By April 2020, Massachusetts had become a hotspot for COVID-19, with the 3rd highest number of cases in the nation despite being only the 15th most populous state. To accommodate, MGH had to transform many existing clinical spaces into COVID only floors and ICUs, re-deploying physicians, interns, junior residents from other specialties, including primary care, pediatrics, and radiology to help staff them. These re-deployed physicians were less experienced managing acute, life threatening emergencies like respiratory failure, strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, and cardiac arrests, complications of COVID infections.

To address this problem, my team and I created the STAT Life Saver App, which helps physicians treat acute life-threatening illnesses more efficiently and more effectively at the bedside, regardless of specialty or years of training. Physician users get immediate access to life saving algorithms and workflow guides, built-in logs and timers for advanced cardiac life support, and the ability to call emergency response teams directly through the app.

The STAT app was so successful, that it inspired a 2nd app, Emergency Medicine Protocols and a 3rd app called MGH ACLS, to help doctors around the world provide the highest quality advanced cardiac life support at the bedside. In less than 6 months, all 3 apps have hundreds of users in over 50 countries.

Marcella Jewell – Pediatric Inpatient Management Dashboard

Category: Student

Pediatric behavioral health boarding is a nation-wide crisis. There are very few pediatric inpatient psych beds available contributing to dangerous levels of boarding at our hospital. Staff ends up spending hours of unreimbursed time managing safety risks, understanding barriers to placement, and negotiating with third parties to get these patients the care they need.

Our solution is a dashboard that tracks the entire census of our medically cleared pediatric behavioral health population from admit to discharge. We’ve engineered it to track:

  • quality and safety metrics,
  • demographics,
  • time analysis, and;
  • the involvement of third parties like the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or Department of Mental Health (DMH)

This dashboard centralizes all the information to expedite bed placement, decrease boarding, ration staff, and quick intervention when a patient demonstrates a safety risk to themselves or others

We launched Version 1 in August. It was inspired by nearly four years of work under the mentorship of Dr. Joeli Hettler, our chief of Pedi Emergency Medicine. Going forward we plan to expand our inclusion criteria to include adult behavioral health patients and use the data to predict patient boarding issues.

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