Massachusetts Medical Society: Medical Students on MMS Committees

Medical Students on MMS Committees


Board of Trustees and District Elected Committees

Board of Trustees
Trustee: Maximilian J. Pany
Alternate Trustee: Max Deng

Committee on Legislation
Member: Rachel Getz
Alternate: Nishant Uppal

Committee on Nominations
Member: Bennet Vogt

Board Committees

Committee on Finance
Member: Benjamin Pockros
Alternate: Akash Rastogi

Committee on Recognition Awards
Member: Joyce Lee

Committee on Strategic Planning
Member: Leah Yuan

Standing Committees

Committee on Bylaws
Member: Stephanie Trimboli
Alternate: Vaishnavi Sharma

Committee on Communications
Member: Arvin Saleh
Alternate: Roshnee Raithatha

Committee on Ethics, Grievances, and Professional Standards
Member: Caroline Liang

Committee on Interspecialty
Member: Bennett Vogt
Alternate: Anu Khanna

Committee on Medical Education
Member: Ryan Meshkin
Alternate: Nivetha Saravanan

Committee on Membership
Member: Priya Desai
Alternate: Albert Park

Committee on Professional Liability
Member: Cyrus Ayubcha
Alternate: Open

Committee on Public Health
Member: Calvin Schaffer
Alternate: Richard Lu

Committee on Publications
Member: Tony Joudi
Alternate: James Diao

Committee on the Quality of Medical Practice
Member: Sophie Lipson
Alternate: Nicholas Smith

Special Committees

Committee on Accreditation Review
Member: Sina Foroutanjazi
Alternate: Emma Noyes

Committee on Continuing Education Review
Member: Archana Podury
Alternate: Keizra Mecklai

Committee on Diversity in Medicine
Member: Terrance Mensah
Alternate: Dhanesh Binda

Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health
Member: Molly Olmsted
Alternate: Kali Sullivan

Committee on Geriatric Medicine
Member: Maud Jansen
Alternate: John Romano

Committee on Global Health
Member: Jacob Cabrejas
Alternate: Josh Drake

Committee on History
Member: Jacob Rha
Alternate: Darienne Madlala

Committee on Information Technology
Member: Freyisayo (Sayo) Eweje
Alternate: Joyce Lee

Committee on LGBTQ Matters
Member: Cody Ellis
Alternate: Jordan Said

Committee on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare
Member: Kimberly Schaefer
Alternate: Deniz Cataltepe

Committee on Men’s Health
Member: Jacob Jasper
Alternate: Open

Committee on Mental Health and Substance Use
Member: Julie Hugunin
Alternate: Nicholas Trad

Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity
Member: Berit Lindell
Alternate: Jordan Kondo

Committee on Oral Health
Member: Allison Holt
Alternate: Joyce Tien

Committee on Preparedness
Member: Abhinav Prasad
Alternate: Cassidy Boomsma

Committee on Senior Physicians
Member: Open
Alternate: Open

Committee on Senior Volunteer Physicians
Member: Nichita Kulkarni
Alternate: Shauna Rice

Committee on Student Health and Sports Medicine
Member: Rachel Flaugh
Alternate: Collin Leibold

Committee on Sustainability of Private Practice
Member: Holly Sprow
Alternate: Open

Committee on Violence Intervention and Prevention
Member: Symren Dhaliwal
Alternate: Read Allen

Committee on Women in Medicine
Member: Rachel Anderson
Alternate: Anna Kheyfets

Committee on Young Physicians
Member: Kathryn Jillson
Alternate: Jacqueline Ohmura

Member Interest Network (MIN)

Arts, History, Humanism and Culture Executive Council
Member: Jacqueline Shen
Alternate: Nicholas Fordham

Other Organizations

Boston Medical Library Trustees
Member: Michael Chang

MMS Sections

Minority Affairs Section (MAS)
Member: Donyell Croney

Women Physicians Section (WPS)
Member: Meghana Mishra

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