Massachusetts Medical Society: Massachusetts Medical Society on the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of war

Massachusetts Medical Society on the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of war

Unprovoked attacks by the Russian military on the people of Ukraine have resulted in injuries, death, devastation and displacement affecting millions of innocent civilians. These horrific actions are creating a humanitarian refugee crisis of a magnitude unseen in recent years and one that will affect the physical and emotional health of those touched directly or indirectly by these atrocities for years or perhaps decades to come.

The Massachusetts Medical Society deplores all forms of violence and the suffering caused by it. Bombing of hospitals and denial of access to food, water, heat, shelter and safe evacuation routes are particularly egregious crimes and violate the principle of medical neutrality. As physicians, we assert that the enjoyment of health is a basic human right, and we espouse unfettered access to health care. All those who seek health care and all those who deliver health care have a right to be protected from senseless violence.

The physicians of the Massachusetts Medical Society endorse equitable care regardless of immigration status and advocate for safe access to health care for immigrants and refugees in the Commonwealth.

The Medical Society offers physician resources to help speak to patients about war and the tragedies created from it, found here.

-Carole E. Allen, MD, MBA, FAAP, President, Massachusetts Medical Society

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