Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS comments on Harm Reduction Commission’s report Relative to Supervised Consumption Sites

MMS comments on Harm Reduction Commission’s report Relative to Supervised Consumption Sites

“We support the commission’s recommendation and recognize that there will be a myriad of obstacles to overcome on the way to the establishment of a pilot supervised consumption site in Massachusetts. We will continue to work with all involved stakeholders to bring the perspective of patients and physicians to any future discussions and collaborations that can lead to lives saved.

“The Massachusetts Medical Society two years ago published a report that detailed what a supervised consumption site is and what it is not.  Evidence contained within our report and accepted by the scientific community validates the efficacy of these facilities in saving lives from overdose and serving as a conduit to medically appropriate treatment.

“Addiction is a chronic illness.  If a physician does not explore and consider all medically appropriate measures by which to treat a chronic illness, it flies counter to our obligation to our patients. Dismissing any proven life-saving measure is tantamount to giving up, and we will never give up on any patient, especially those who are most vulnerable.

“We recognize that the concept of a supervised consumption site is novel, but as the first medical society in the nation to support a pilot facility and a ground-floor leader in the push for a pilot facility in the Commonwealth, we will continue to advocate on behalf of our patients who suffer from the chronic illness that is addiction.”

Dr. Alain A. Chaoui, President, Massachusetts Medical Society

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