Massachusetts Medical Society: Massachusetts Medical Society urges flu, COVID-19 vaccines as cases rise

Massachusetts Medical Society urges flu, COVID-19 vaccines as cases rise

The physicians of the Massachusetts Medical Society are seeing a concerning and marked rise in cases of influenza and COVID-19 among our patients. It is not too late in the season to get vaccinated against the flu and to get the most updated COVID-19 vaccines, and we urge people to contact their health care provider to schedule an appointment to do so as soon as possible.

COVID-19 and the flu can be quite serious and potentially deadly. By getting vaccines that are proven safe and effective, you are doing your part to keep yourself, your family, community, workplaces, and schools safe and healthy. Vaccines reduce the likelihood that you will require a visit to an emergency department or other health care setting that is still impacted by thin resources and overcrowding, which will allow health care teams to better treat the sickest patients.

Transmissible diseases may be a nuisance over the course of a few days and not trigger serious symptoms in most healthy people, but it is critically important to take every available measure to protect those among us who are most vulnerable. 

If you are socializing in crowded places, we recommend wearing a mask. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and, whenever possible, stay home when you do not feel well or have symptoms of illness. Anyone with questions or concerns about vaccinations, should initiate a conversation with their health care provider.

-Barbara S. Spivak, MD, President, Massachusetts Medical Society

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