Massachusetts Medical Society: Massachusetts Medical Society urges flu vaccinations for all

Massachusetts Medical Society urges flu vaccinations for all

As we prepare to enter what predicts to be a flu season made especially dangerous because of overlap with the pandemic, the Massachusetts Medical Society advises people of all ages to make an appointment with their physician or health care provider to schedule a flu vaccination, ideally by the end of October.

Each year, thousands of Massachusetts patients are hospitalized because of the flu, which can cause severe illness and death. It’s always important to be immunized against a seasonal health threat that kills between 12,000 and 61,000 Americans annually. Getting a flu vaccination is a safe and important step toward protecting yourself, your family, your co-workers, your classmates, and your community.

As the health care system continues to work toward treating and mitigating COVID-19, flu vaccination will be a critical tool in our ability to cope with a lack of resources that will almost certainly occur as a result of expected surges in both coronavirus and flu cases.

We know that social distancing, wearing a mask, handwashing and staying home when you’re feeling sick are important steps we all can take to protect our communities from transmissible disease, and we urge you to add receiving a flu vaccination to your list of preventative measures. We encourage anyone with questions to have a conversation with their physician.

-David A. Rosman, MD, MBA, President, Massachusetts Medical Society

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