Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Policies, Bylaws & Procedures

MMS Policies, Bylaws & Procedures

MMS Policy Compendium  

This document includes all active policies enacted by the MMS House of delegates, the principal policy-making body of the Society.

MMS Sunset Compendium 

    • Download the Sunset Compendium (.pdf, 301 pgs)
      The House of Delegates annually reviews all MMS policies seven years after their enactment, to determine their relevance to current priorities and activities. This document lists the MMS policies that the House ordered to be sunset after such a review.

    MMS Act of Incorporation, Bylaws and Code of Ethics

    These corporate documents include:

    • Act of Incorporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society
      Enacted as Chapter 15 of the Acts of 1781. Amended in 1969.
    • Bylaws of the Massachusetts Medical Society
      Amended, as needed, during the Society's Annual Meeting. The Bylaws set forth the rules of the Society, including categories of membership in the Society and its constituent District Medical Societies, the composition, powers, duties of the House of Delegates, Board of Trustees, the Society's committees as well as the duties and powers of the officers.
    • Code of Ethics of the Massachusetts Medical Society:
      The Code of Ethics establish principles and rules of conduct for membership in the Society.
    • Procedures of the Committee on Nominations
    • Procedures of the Board of Trustees

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    Members may also request a printed copy by emailing or calling the Membership Department at (800) 322-2303.

    Procedures of the House of Delegates

    The Procedures are a parliamentary and procedural guide used for conducting HOD meetings. Procedures are updated as changes occur. The most recent version is available here for download. 

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