Massachusetts Medical Society: Member Interest Network: Connect with other members with Nature, Culture and History

Member Interest Network: Connect with other members with Nature, Culture and History

Arts, History, Humanism & Culture Member Interest Network (AHH&C MIN)

main collageThe Member Interest Network (MIN) brings physicians together around artistic interests and the natural world. “Physicians use these outlets to help achieve the right balance in their lives,” says Robert W. Sorrenti, MD, Chair of the MIN. The Network is open to members of the MMS and the MMS Alliance, whose interests drive our programming. Our events can help you:

  • Connect with other MMS members who have overlapping interests and talents 
  • Enjoy and make time for your non-medical passions, skills, and learning
  • You are welcome to bring family members, friends, or other guests to our social gatherings and activities
  • Network with physicians throughout the state across varying medical disciplines and practices

Highlights of our recent programming have included a hawk migration hike, an observatory visit, a creative writing expo, music performances, an egg decorating workshop, and an art exhibit featuring 32 artists (physicians and their families).

Sections of the Member Interest Network 

Questions? Contact Cathy Salas at (413) 596-9231 or

MIN Governance, History, and Mission at a Glance

The purpose of the Arts, History, Humanism and Member Interest Network is to explore the creative side of member interests.

We strongly support the MMS focus on reducing health disparities and we acknowledge the importance of working to achieve health equity.

In our Committee's role to bring enrichment to the MMS membership with programs in art, history, music, literature and nature, we hope to provide activities which will bring us together and build friendships and a warm welcome for all Society members and their families and friends.

The MIN is supported by an Executive Council that includes physicians, medical students, and representatives of the MMS Alliance, and two MMS staff liaisons.

The MIN was founded in 1998. Edward L. Amaral, MD, the founding chair, served the MMS in various capacities. As president of the Worcester District Medical Society, he in 1996 called for unity among physicians across practice affiliations, and for members’ participation in the medical community. The MIN provides nonmedical forums and events for strengthening and connecting with that community.

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