2015 Physician Health Services Annual Report

Physician Health Services, Inc., is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and effectiveness of physicians and medical students while promoting patient safety. This is achieved by supporting physicians through education and prevention, as well as assessment, referral to treatment, and monitoring.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The year 2015 year was marked by expansion of our important work providing a variety of evaluative, supportive, triage, and monitoring services to physicians and medical students.  There are 3-4 new referrals each week and our cumulative client base now exceeds 2,500. More individuals are referring themselves to PHS to get timely, self-initiated help with their personal challenges before their careers are in jeopardy. Self-referrals represent 40 percent of the total – a byproduct of our focus on occupational stress, burnout and professional coaching. The growing community of organizations that support our mission has been organized into our new PHS Leadership Council. We strive to meet the evolving needs of physicians and medical students in our high stress profession. 

2014 PHS Annual Report - Khantzian 2014 PHS Annual Report - Adelman
Edward J. Khantzian, MD
Steven A. Adelman, MD

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