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You are not alone. Many physicians struggle with chronic illness, financial difficulty, mental illness, and addiction. Studies have shown that physicians and medical students are more likely to experience depression than the rest of the population. However, physicians are often reluctant to seek treatment out of fear that their professional careers will suffer.

The Massachusetts Medical Benevolent Society has provided grants to physicians and their families experiencing financial difficulty since 1857 and remains dedicated to supporting members of the medical community who are in reduced circumstances while operating in a confidential manner.

During the first century of the society, most of the support was for disabled physicians, widows, and children. Today’s disabling conditions include a mental or physical illness, a behavioral health issue, and substance use disorders, which sometimes give rise to impairment of physician performance so serious that it leads to license suspension or revocation by the Board of Registration in Medicine.


"The Society's support has ameliorated my intense financial insecurity. I appreciate your support as I work my way back to the practice of medicine."

"Your recent support of my path of sobriety in turn supports my return to part-time practice."

"This financial support has eased my anxiety, and I'm sure my pressure is below normal now."

"I can now fully begin to move on with my life and focus on my recovery without being distracted by financial problems."

Unemployment, long and expensive periods of rehabilitation, enormous legal fees, and devastating psychological disruption of family ties can result. With financial assistance from the Benevolent Society, it is possible to recover and return to the practice of medicine.

Furthermore, resident physicians who find they are challenged mentally or physically must be terminated as per the regulations of the National Institute of Health grants. Chiefs of services are left without a choice in the matter. As these residents struggle to overcome their disability, they are also faced with the additional burden of trying to meet medical school loans and living expenses at this vulnerable time. The ability of the Benevolent Society to support residents provides the support often necessary to arrange evaluations or to simply meet living expenses.

How You Can Help

Continued support of these physicians in ongoing, difficult circumstances is essential.  We need your help so that we can continue to financially assist physicians and their families coping with loss and/or recovery. The need is great. We look to you to help your fellow physicians in distress.

Please consider Benevolent Society membership in the following categories, or make a memorial or tribute donation. Also, consider a bequest in your estate planning.

  • Benefactor ($2000 or more)
  • Life Member ($500)
  • Sustaining Member ($50)
  • Contributor (any amount)

Please send your tax-deductible contribution, along with a membership dues form (.pdf, 1 page) to:

Massachusetts Medical Benevolent Society
860 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451-1414

Tel: (781) 434-7809

We invite you to become a partner in supporting physicians and/or families in financial crisis.

Please consider planned giving through a charitable remainder trust, gift of life insurance, or in your will.

For more information contact Jennifer Day, Administrator, or (781) 434-7809

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