2014 Physician Health Services Annual Report

Physician Health Services, Inc., is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and effectiveness of physicians and medical students while promoting patient safety. This is achieved by supporting physicians through education and prevention, as well as assessment, referral to treatment, and monitoring.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
We are pleased to share with you PHS’s new, environmentally friendly Annual Report. We remain committed to providing services to our medical colleagues seeking or needing help with drug/alcohol issues and/or behavioral difficulties that have interfered with their ability to function effectively as physicians.

While continuing to provide a variety of direct services to a few hundred Massachusetts physicians and medical students, we have taken on important new work in the domain of problematic workplace behavior. We have worked closely with a number of medical leaders and physician coaches to create a structured remediation program designed to support professional coaching for physicians who behave in ways that interfere with harmonious teamwork in today’s demanding health care environment. This initiative is launching in the fall of 2014.

We have also enhanced our associate director team with the addition of Dr. Peter Grinspoon, an internist, and Dr. Jacqueline Starer, an OB/GYN/addiction medicine specialist.

Other unfolding projects include the adoption of a state-of-the-art database, and utilization of a photocellular breath alcohol analyzer for physicians in recovery. This tool promotes patient safety and makes testing more convenient. We have obtained a grant to expand our popular Managing Workplace Conflict course series, and we are exploring new approaches for engaging the general population of practicing physicians. To that end, Dr. Eddie Phillips, a dynamic leader in the important emerging field of lifestyle medicine, and Dr. Adelman have created a community blog,, to showcase and share personal and professional best practices.

As always, we welcome your calls about any matter related to physician health.


Edward J. Khantzian, MD  and Steven A. Adelman, MD 
2014 PHS Annual Report - Khantzian2014 PHS Annual Report - Adelman

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