Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Committees (F-L)

MMS Committees (F-L)

Committee on Finance

Oversees the finances, investments, budget, and serves as the yearly audit committee of the Massachusetts Medical Society, working with the Secretary-Treasurer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, and the VP of Finance.

Chair: Sahdev R. Passey, Worcester 
Vice Chair: Lynda G. Kabbash, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Paul Shannon (

Committee on Geriatric Medicine

Addresses issues related to geriatric health (including psychosocial issues, disease prevention, health enhancement, education of the health care community), health care policy as it applies to the elderly, and all aspects of long-term care, including palliative care.

Chair: Asif Merchant, Middlesex
Vice Chair: Chelsea Wong, Suffolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Candace Savage (

View Committee on Geriatric Medicine meeting minutes

Committee on Global Health

Provides a benefit to the members of the Massachusetts Medical Society and the citizens of the Commonwealth by expanding the understanding of global health issues, while at the same time promoting the active participation of members in a variety of global health-related projects. The committee also serves as an information and service resource for those interested in global health.

Chair: Arul Mahadevan, Essex South
Vice Chair: Georgina Nouaime, Barnstable

MMS Staff Liaison: Jennifer Day (

Committee on Global Health Member Bios

View Committee on Global Health meeting minutes

Committee on History

Recommends actions and activities to preserve the history of the Society and recognizes its accomplishments. Sponsors an annual medical student history essay contest focused on the history of medicine or public health since the initiation of the MMS in 1781.

Chair: Eric J. Reines, Essex South

MMS Staff Liaison: Leon Barzin (

View information on the Committee on History essay award and oral history project

Committee on Information Technology

Meets monthly in the evenings to identify and evaluate major trends in Information Technology that impact medical practice including policy, education, devices, guidelines, regulations, and laws. The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees, the House of Delegates, and membership on responses to the trends with the goal of being proactive. The committee also encourages medical information technology development through its Student and Resident Information Technology in Medicine awards program and educational events.

Chair: Jennifer M. Joe
Vice Chair: David Earle, Middlesex North

MMS Staff Liaison: Leon Barzin (

View information on the Information Technology in Medicine Award

Committee on Interspecialty

Provides a mechanism for open communication, cooperation, and coordination between and among the medical specialty societies of Massachusetts and their members, and the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS). Additionally, the committee will present recommendations to the MMS regarding medical specialty specific or practice of medicine issues, with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality of care to the patients within the Commonwealth.

Chair: Gregory G. Harris, Norfolk
Vice Chair: Fred E. Shapiro, Worcester

MMS Staff Liaison: Jessica Lacy (

Judicial Committee

Interprets MMS Bylaws and Code of Ethics.

MMS Staff Liaison: Charles Alagero (

Committee on Legislation

Study, take positions and report periodically to the Board of Trustees and to the House of Delegates on pending legislation affecting the public health or the practice of medicine. Initiates legislation at the state level to improve the health of the public and to improve the practice environment in Massachusetts.

Chair: Olivia C. Liao, Middlesex
Vice Chair: Lorraine Schratz, Bristol North

MMS Staff Liaison: Charles Alagero (

Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Matters

Enhances MMS policy, advocacy, and education on LGBTQ health and professional issues, advocates for better access to care for LGBTQ patients, educates physicians across the Commonwealth about the unique health care issues facing LGBTQ patients, creates a relationship with the AMA advisory committee on LGBTQ issues, increases MMS membership and participation of physicians with an interest in LGBTQ issues, and provides a dedicated forum for involvement, mentoring, and networking for LGBTQ physicians and medical students.

Chair: Aditya Chandrasekhar, Norfolk
Vice Chair: Deniz Gaberz-Mah, Suffolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Erin Tally (

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