Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Committees (M-P)

MMS Committees (M-P)

Committee on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare

Provides advice and counsel on matters relating to maternal and perinatal welfare. Sponsors an annual educational program on maternal and perinatal welfare for physicians and other health care professionals.

Chair: Nicole A. Smith, Suffolk
Vice Chair: Maria W. Fradinho, Charles River

MMS Staff Liaison: Jessie Brunelle (

View Committee on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare meeting minutes

Committee on Medical Education

The Committee on Medical Education (CMED) addresses all issues related to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education as well as education for other health care professionals and reviews and makes recommendations on MMS policy relative to the continuum of medical education. The CMED advocates for the provision of quality medical education across the learning continuum that promotes safe, effective, and equitable patient care and is independent from the influence of industry. The CMED reviews, evaluates, and provides guidance on the MMS accredited continuing education program to ensure that it is aligned with the Society's strategic plan and priorities, that it addresses gaps in practice and educational needs, that it serves its goal of supporting lifelong learning for physicians and other health care professionals, and that it is compliant with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's (ACCME's) Accreditation Criteria and policies and other education regulatory requirements.

Chair: Amy C. Lisser, Norfolk
Vice Chair: Ole-Petter R. Hamnvik, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Danna Muir (

Committee on Membership

The Membership Committee provides oversight to membership development programs and promotional opportunities for the MMS, including recruitment, retention and related outreach activities, while using multiple marketing channels. Attention is focused on constituencies that will increase the diversity of the membership base, and address new modes of practice and employment models through group enrollment.

Chair: Monica J. Wood, Middlesex
Vice Chair: Pei-Li Huang, Charles River

MMS Staff Liaison: Bill Howland (

Committee on Mental Health and Substance Use

The Committee will focus on integration of mental health into primary care; promote early detection and screening for mental illness and substance use; promote prevention of mental illness; promote mental wellness, stress management, and improved mental health across the life span; promote reduction of barriers to mental health treatment; and recommend ways to improve access to mental health care.

Chair: Michelle Dalal, Worcester

MMS Staff Liaison: Candace Savage (

View Committee on Mental Health and Substance Use meeting minutes

Committee on Nominations

Provides for the House of Delegates a slate of nominees for each of the officers of the Society and AMA delegates and alternate delegates.

Chair: Stephen K. Epstein, Norfolk
Vice Chair: Paula Jo Carbone, Middlesex Central

MMS Staff Liaison: Michele Jussaume (

Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity

Provides advice and counsel to the Society and its leadership on matters related to nutrition and physical activity, with a particular focus on overweight and obesity prevention and treatment.

Chair: Cheng-Chieh Chuang, Norfolk South
Vice Chair: Cheryl Kovacs Warner, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Jennifer Day (

View Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity meeting minutes

Committee on Oral Health

This committee focuses on increasing public awareness of the relationship and importance of good oral health to good overall health and works to promote prevention and improve oral health literacy to health providers and the public. Works to increase education and encourage medical, dental collaboration. Recommends ways to improve access to oral health care, especially in vulnerable populations addressing social determinants of health. Works to educate the public on the importance of water fluoridation.

Chair: Stephen A. Martin, Franklin
Vice Chair: Vonzella A. Bryant, Suffolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Lori DiChiara (

Committee on Preparedness

This committee works in collaboration with public health agencies and others responsible for disaster management on the development and implementation of response plans for the physician community in order to enhance the health care system's capacity to prevent, prepare for, detect, mitigate, respond to and recover from the public health consequences of man-made or natural disasters, and other health emergencies and protect the health and safety of patients and communities.

Chair: Scott A. Goldberg, Suffolk
Vice Chair: Georgina Nouaime, Bristol South

MMS Staff Liaison: Susan Webb (

View Committee on Preparedness meeting minutes

Committee on Professional Liability

Monitors the professional liability market in Massachusetts, and educates members about developments in professional liability.

Chair: Stephen A. Metz, Hampden
Vice Chair: Nicolas Argy, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Liz Rover Bailey (

View Committee on Professional Liability meeting minutes

Committee on Public Health

This committee recommends and leads a public health agenda for the Society to achieve the greatest positive impact on the health and well-being of the public and to reflect the resources, mission and strategic direction of the Society.

Chair: Eric Goralnick, Suffolk
Vice Chair: Samantha L. Rosman, Suffolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Susan Webb (

View Committee on Public Health meeting minutes

Committee on Publications

Establishes policy concerning the publishing activities of the Society, including initiation, planning, supervision, and coordination of NEJM Group as it relates to the dissemination of medical information. Directs the publication and distribution of the New England Journal of Medicine and other publications of the Society.

Chair: James A. Feldman, Suffolk
Vice Chair: Burt A. Adelman, Middlesex Central

MMS Staff Liaison: David Sampson (

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