Massachusetts Medical Society: MMS Committees (Q-Z)

MMS Committees (Q-Z)

Committee on Quality of Medical Practice

The Quality of Medical Practice is focused on the improvement of the quality of health care provided by physicians, including attention to patient and physician satisfaction/experience and cost effectiveness. The committee serves as consultants to the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates to define quality of health care, as well as to monitor quality initiatives, create and coordinate activities to improve and measure the quality of health care and factors affecting the practice environment.

Chair: Judith A. Melin, Norfolk
Vice Chair: Ted A. James, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Yael Miller (

Committee on Recognition Awards

As a committee of the Board of Trustees (BOT), the Committee on Recognition Awards’ mission is to annually solicit nominations for the Massachusetts Medical Society’s recognition awards, to review all nominations, and to make final recommendations to the BOT. The Committee on Recognition Awards is also responsible for oversight and approval of new and existing MMS recognition awards.

Chair: Kenath J. Shamir, Bristol South
Vice Chair: Matthew E. Lecuyer, Bristol South

MMS Staff Liaison: Karen Harrison (

Committee on Senior Physicians

Recognizes the diverse matters that are of concern to senior physicians age 65 and over, and explores ways to address the unique issues. Also provides the opportunity to promote continued participation and personal enrichment.

Chair: Sally A. Sveda, Charles River
Vice Chair: Thomas E. Sullivan, Essex South

MMS Staff Liaison: Chew-Hoong Koh (

Committee on Senior Volunteer Physicians

The mission of the committee is to utilize the experience and skills of senior practicing and/or retired physicians on a voluntary basis to address and fulfill medical and health education needs of communities throughout Massachusetts.

Chair: Rajendra M. Trivedi, Middlesex

MMS Staff Liaison: Chew-Hoong Koh (

Committee on Strategic Planning

The Committee on Strategic Planning studies the environment effecting physicians, their patients and the global health care industry, and makes recommendations concerning the short and long term strategic direction of MMS.

Chair: Hugh M. Taylor, Essex South
Vice Chair: Olivia C. Liao, Middlesex

MMS Staff Liaison: Lois Cornell ( and Susan Webb (

Committee on Student Health and Sports Medicine

Provides advice and counsel in matters related to student health and sports medicine - specifically to promote school-based adolescent health education and sports medicine for various patient populations, including the student athlete. Acts as liaison with organizations working in these areas, increases MMS visibility with various audiences on student health and sports medicine issues, and addresses related areas as may come before it.

Co-Chair: Mary Elizabeth Miotto, Middlesex West
Co-Chair: Lorraine Schratz, Bristol North

MMS Staff Liaison: Jill Cricones (

View Committee on Student Health and Sports Medicine meeting minutes

Committee on the Sustainability of Private Practice

Provides periodic feedback to the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates on matters related to the viability and unique needs of private practice physicians (i.e. covered services, technology, payment methods) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for the benefit of all physicians and patients in the Commonwealth.

Chair: Christopher Garofalo, Bristol North

MMS Staff Liaison: Bissan Biary (

Committee on Violence Intervention and Prevention

Provides education, advice, and counsel to the Society and its leadership on matters relating to violence intervention and prevention, with emphasis on family violence (intimate partner violence, child abuse and/or neglect, adolescent relationship violence, and elder abuse), school violence, bullying, sexual assault, suicide, torture, and other forms of intentional trauma.

Chair: Adaugo Amobi, Suffolk
Co-Vice Chair: Rajapillai Pillai, Suffolk
Co-Vice Chair: Zoe Warczak, Hampden

MMS Staff Liaison: Candace Savage (

View Committee on Violence Intervention and Prevention meeting minutes

Committee on Women’s Health

Provides a valuable forum to identify and advocate for professional issues of concern to women physicians, educate colleagues about women’s health, foster membership, participation and leadership of women within the MMS.

Chair: Geunwon Kim-Sun, Suffolk
Vice Chair: Marika Osterbur Badhey, Norfolk

MMS Staff Liaison: Erin Tally (

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