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Firearms: Screening, Suicide Prevention, Community Engagement

In 2020, 42% of U.S. households reported owning a firearm. While access to firearms is associated with increased risk for injury and death, safe firearm storage is associated with decreased risk. Clinicians need information on how to appropriately screen for self-harm or harm to others by firearms when talking to their patients about guns and gun safety. When a patient answers positively about a gun in the home and expresses concerns about themselves or those with whom they live, clinicians must know how to advise, direct, and refer. Primary care physicians are often the de facto mental health professional and must address patients with concerns about suicidal ideation by loved ones. Having relationships in the community and knowledge of resources expands the scope of care for patients and their families and friends. This program will provide insight and solid solutions for caring for patients while addressing firearm safety.

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The fliers below provide information on firearm safety for physicians and other healthcare experts and for patients.


Dr. Michael Hirsh underscores why physicians should be prepared to counsel patients about firearm safety.

Additional Resources

Firearm Safety Organizations and InitiativesFirearm Safety Organizations and Initiatives

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Firearm Safety Screening ToolsFirearm Safety Screening Tools

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